Funtimbers Colorado

Funtimbers™ by Childforms® are the original, industry leading solution for playground construction and surface retaining. Funtimbers™ offers the most affordable and easy to install playground border on the market today. Each border ships our patented snap-in spike attached and ready for use. This allows for easy installation saving you and your organization valuable time and money.

GAGA BALL Pit Made Easy

The Rules

GaGa (or Gaga) Ball gets its name from the Israeli word for “hit” – ga – and originated in Israel. Therefore, GaGa Ball means “Hit, Hit Ball.” A fun and active game, GaGa is played with a ball and any number of players in an enclosed space. The object of the game is for players to use their hands to hit the other players with the ball, while avoiding being hit themselves. Players are eliminated if they are hit by the ball.

Adjustable End Kits Available

Childforms® Adjustable End Kit gives a clean, finished appearance. The Adjustable End Kit System for Funtimbers™ is the perfect solution for irregular areas like fences or existing walls. You get a clean, finished appearance that fits exactly into the area you want. The Adjustable End Kit comes with two (2) Adjustable Ends and two (2) Filler Ends. To use, simply cut the existing Funtimbers™ to the desired length and insert the Adjustable End.

Adjustable End Kits – $175 comes with two (2) Adjustable Ends and two (2) Filler Ends.
12″ ADJUSTABLE END KIT 2-Adjustable Ends and 2-Filler Ends ADJ-00001

9″ ADJUSTABLE END KIT 2-Adjustable Ends and 2-Filler Ends ADJ-00004

Adjustable End Kit Buy Now!!!

ADA Access Ramps

Childforms® patented wheelchair accessible ramp system is both cost-effective and easy to install. Designed to be used with our Funtimber™ containment system; the ADA ramp provides convenient access to the playground and helps to establish a clear entry-exit point to your playground. Each ADA ramp system includes (1) mounting log and the necessary spikes for anchoring and takes the place of (1) Funtimber™ around your play area border.The full 8”, 9” and 12”ADA/Wheelchair ramps include an entrance and exit ramp; while our flush mount ADA ramp contains an entrance only, and is designed to be used when connecting to an existing sidewalk. U.S. Patent 6.418,675 B1

ADA Full Ramp System – $795
12″ ADA RAMP SYSTEM order with 12″ Funtimbers™ ADA-00002
9″ ADA RAMP SYSTEM order with 9″ Funtimbers™ ADA-00008

ADA Access Ramp Buy Now!!!

ADA Flush Mount Ramp System – $595
ADA FLUSH MOUNT RAMP SYSTEM use with 9″ or 12″ Funtimbers™ ADA-00005

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