Playground Borders and Surfacing

Funtimbers™ by Childforms® are the original, industry leading solution for playground construction and surface retaining. Funtimbers™ offers the most affordable and easy to install playground borders on the market today. Each border ships our patented snap-in spike attached and ready for use. This allows for easy installation saving you and your organization valuable time and money. There is no need to worry about a heavy box full of spikes or the loss of an essential component during shipping. No other manufacturer can offer this technology which is one of the many reasons why “The Funtimbers™ Difference” outperforms the competition.



Funtimbers™ Adjustable End Kit

Childforms® Adjustable End Kit gives a clean, finished appearance. The Adjustable End Kit System for Funtimbers™ is the perfect solution for irregular areas like fences or existing walls. You get a clean, finished appearance that fits exactly into the area you want. The Adjustable End Kit comes with two (2) Adjustable Ends and two (2) Filler Ends. To use, simply cut the existing Funtimbers™ to the desired length and insert the Adjustable End.

Playground Borders

playground-border-imageFuntimbers™ – Your answer to permanently maintaining safety surfacing. Funtimbers™ have rounded corners and no sharp edges, making them safe for any play area, and unlike untreated wood timbers, Funtimbers™ will never rot, decay, splinter or secrete poisonous arsenic.

Raised Garden Border

Funtimbers™ are an excellent option for gardeners in the design and construction of raised garden beds. Funtimbers™ do not rot like wooden boards and do not secrete harmful chemicals that can leach into your plants through the soil. Weep Vents at the bottom of the timbers also help to maintain proper drainage and moisture control in your raised garden beds.

Sandbox Packages

Childforms® sandbox packages are the perfect addition to any playground environment or backyard setting. Constructed of Childforms® Funtimbers™ and available in 3 sizes; each package includes the necessary number of Funtimbers™ and a custom fitted cover.The cover is a polyethylene mesh which allows water through, and the drawstring tightens to keep sand free of debris.

Durable Construction

durableFuntimbers™ are constructed with lasting durability in mind. Not only can they hold up to the most extreme weather conditions, but can accommodate the weight of both children and adults alike in heavy traffic areas. Childforms®, the manufacturer of Funtimbers™, provides a limited 10 year warranty on all plastic including Funtimbers™ and ADA ramps.

ADA Access Ramps

Childforms® patented wheelchair accessible ramp system is both cost-effective and easy to install. Designed to be used with our Funtimbers™ containment system; the ADA ramp provides convenient access to the playground and helps to establish a clear entry-exit point to your playground. Each ADA ramp system includes (1) mounting log and the necessary spikes for anchoring and takes the place of (1) Funtimber around your play area border.The full 8”, 9” and 12”ADA/Wheelchair ramps include an entrance and exit ramp; while our flush mount ADA ramp contains an entrance only, and is designed to be used when connecting to an existing sidewalk. U.S. Patent 6.418,675 B1

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